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7º 12.252' S135º 36.978' WTregoningWinds have been OK and fairly steady, although lighter than expected. Looks like arrival on Monday, 4 May, and we are both ready for a long quiet sleep...and baguettes! over 5 years  agoShow

4º 30.3' S132º 40.902' WTregoningExcellent winds the past couple of days, and we are making very good progress. Looks like arrival on Sunday or Monday. over 5 years  agoShow

0º 4.98' S127º 38.058' WTregoningWe crossed the equator about 4 o'clock this afternoon, and had a small rum-toast to Neptune and each other. Had about one hour of actual wind (OK, just 7 or 8 knots, but better than nothing) so we'll keep motoring south until the breezes blow. over 5 years  agoShow

3º 44.112' N125º 9.318' WTregoningNot much wind, but no real major thunderstorms so on balance, still doin' fine.
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8º 16.098' N123º 55.8' WTregoningStill moving south nicely, but not quite as fast--something is tearing up the halyard for the asymmetrical spinnaker at the sheave at the top of the mast. We've tried various ways of protecting the line, but won't be able to use the spinnaker until I can climb the mast and see exactly what is going wrong. Also had the top part of the self-steering wind vane blade disintegrate a couple of days ago, so we're using the electrical autopilot and being very conservative on other power usage.

Finally had some good ol' tropical downpour yesterday evening, so the decks are washed off nicely.

All is still well on board, and if nothing broke, it wouldn't be an adventure...
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13º 50.688' N120º 30.798' WTregoningWe are steadily gybing our way to the Equator, with good winds and
following seas. Have had a few things break (one of the three reefing
lines for the mainsail, and gouged some holes in the halyard for the
asymmetrical spinnaker), but nothing that can't be fairly easily fixed or
replaced. Couple of flying fish fail to flop their way back off the deck
at night, and last night Ali found a very small squid inking up the
spinnaker storage bag. Sushi anyone?

I've gone thru all the avacados and artichokes, but Ali's curries and
chowders have kept the culinary standards high, and we haven't resorted to
Spam yet...
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16º 0.9' N115º 37.098' WTregoningFinally, some steadier winds this morning! Quite a few spinner dolphins yesterday, but haven't seen a whale since we left the coast of Mexico. Lots of puffy white tropical clouds the past couple of days, and a few showers near us, but we haven't felt a drop yet. Wouldn't be bad to wash a bit of the salt off, although I'm perfectly content to wait as long as possible before we get the doldrums thunder-boomers. Lots of flying fish around, but we still don't have room in the fridge for even a small mahi mahi...maybe tomorrow? We had the asymmetrical spinnaker up yesterday and maintained pretty good boat speed even with light winds. Took it down in the middle of the night when the wind disappeared...always fun in the middle of the night in 6-foot seas...almost 6 years  agoShow

18º 26.862' N111º 8.91' WTregoningGot to cruise by Isla Socorro night before last--that's the Mexican navy base island that gets hammered by hurricanes on a very regular basis. There is a small bay/anchorage there, and we have heard that the navy now lets boats like ours hang out for a bit, but our anchor is tucked away in the bottom of the boat (one less thing to worry about on deck, and helps with the weight balance) and we're on the move! Good wind all last night...hope it lasts. Masked booby working the flying fish next to the boat this morning, but catching no better than one out of three attempts. I probably should get the hooks in the water today.almost 6 years  agoShow

19º 8.502' N109º 33.798' WTregoningIt's great to wake up in the morning to hear the engine off, the sails up, wind blowing and significant progress being made--thank you Ali (that's for making all the engine/sail changes without me waking up...although at times she may claim to play some role in the actual production of ocean breezes). Now let's hope it lasts for more than a few hours. One lonely sea lion yesterday, with all four flippers held rigidly above the surface, and not at all fazed by a sailboat wandering past only a few dozen feet away. Lots of commercial ship traffic, and two ships passing within half a mile--both responding quickly to friendly calls on the VHF.
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19º 40.8' N107º 40.002' WTregoning...hmmm...still not much wind, so we motored several hours last night. Our current location is deep in the midst of north-south commercial shipping, with 10-14 cargo ships on the plotter (AIS) screen much of the night. Maybe today we hit the trades?
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20º 33.39' N106º 8.682' WTregoningLeft Puerto Vallarta yesterday about 1:30 pm, and headed out; winds died late in the afternoon so we could still see Mexico the next morning. Forecast improvements in wind are now not as likely...but the seas are fairly flat and the weather is nice.
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20º 42.0' N105º 17.58' WTregoningalmost 6 years  agoShow

20º 42.0' N105º 17.58' WTregoningWe hope to head out to the Marquesas on Tuesday, 7 April!
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20º 41.7' N105º 17.598' WTregoningEnjoying our stay at Paradise Marina in Puerto Vallarta, and mid-provisioning for the upcoming months. Boat projects today not so exciting...filling a few tiny holes we found along the toe-rail. Good CPR class yesterday, and I hope Ali was paying attention! almost 6 years  agoShow

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