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30º 2.172' N118º 12.108' WTotemtest blogalmost 5 years  agoShow

1º 22.998' N128º 22.002' WTotemalmost 5 years  agoShow

3º 4.848' N72º 57.438' ETotemAnchored at Magudu Island, North Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

3º 31.14' N72º 54.918' ETotemAnchored at Dhigurah Island, Ari Atoll, Maldives. Another beautiful spot with clear water. <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

3º 59.772' N72º 56.64' ETotemanchored at Ellaidho Island, Ari Atoll, Maldives <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

4º 13.38' N73º 32.268' ETotemAnchored in Hulhumale boat lagoon. <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

4º 24.09' N73º 21.492' ETotemSwimming with mantas at a ring-shaped reef. Male atoll, Maldives almost 5 years  agoShow

4º 36.432' N73º 23.37' ETotemNorth Male, anchored in a circular reef<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

5º 3.288' N73º 0.582' ETotemAnchored between 2 reefs with very clear water.<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

5º 13.878' N73º 9.432' ETotemAnchored in another amazing spot!<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

5º 22.902' N73º 22.95' ETotemDhidhdhoo Island, Maldives - stunning!<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

5º 59.142' N73º 12.72' ETotem<BR/>At the tiny atoll of Dholhiyaddhoo, where an abandoned resort juts over turquoise water.almost 5 years  agoShow

6º 26.142' N72º 55.302' ETotemAnchored south of Kanditheemu Island<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

6º 41.7' N73º 6.93' ETotemAnchored in the lagoon at Nolhivaranfaru, Maldives<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

6º 42.588' N72º 55.428' ETotemAnchor 80' down at Rusfushi, Maldives - between 2 reefs.<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

7º 5.052' N72º 55.098' ETotemAnchor down at Uligamu, Maldives. Beautiful!<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

6º 31.38' N76º 30.15' ETotemUnderway to Uligan, Maldives -day 4. Zero (literally) wind again. Terrific dolphin show just after sunrise.<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

6º 13.062' N78º 32.1' ETotemUnder to Uligan, Maldives -day 3. No wind, glassy water, oh and 2 water spouts!<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

5º 54.15' N80º 39.252' ETotemUnderway to Uligan, Maldives -day 2<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

7º 36.048' N81º 52.818' ETotemUnderway to Uligan, Maldives - days 1<BR/>almost 5 years  agoShow

8º 33.84' N81º 13.668' ETotemThe anchor down in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Woooohooo!<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

8º 14.082' N83º 9.21' ETotemLandfall tomorrow.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 23.67' N88º 11.748' ETotemFlew the asymmetric for ten hours today. Stunning conditions!<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 59.46' N90º 35.838' ETotemHalf way there - in very easy sailing conditions.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 25.668' N95º 56.88' ETotemLots of ships over the N of Sumatra, keeps the night watch interesting<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 27.96' N98º 12.648' ETotemSailing dead downwind, genoa poled out, pointing between Sumatra and Nicobars...Sri Lanka or bust!<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 33.108' N99º 15.15' ETotemTOTEM -anchored by Ko Rawi in the Butang group.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 21.69' N99º 40.74' ETotemAnchored in Telaga - 2 weeks to Sri Lanka passage.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 29.718' N99º 17.79' ETotemAnchored at Ko Lipe<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 22.98' N99º 17.07' ETotemTotem moored at Koh Muk, southbound towards Langkawi<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 44.922' N98º 46.05' ETotemAnchored in Ko Phi Phi Don.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 48.93' N98º 22.89' ETotemBack in Panwa Bay.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

8º 5.61' N98º 17.622' ETotemPhuket Airport anchorage.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

8º 34.188' N98º 13.05' ETotemAnchored near the big Thai Navy base on our way south.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 49.068' N98º 21.558' ETotemAnchored in Chalong, Phuket<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

8º 34.902' N98º 13.128' ETotemAnchored near big Thai Navy base<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

9º 45.51' N98º 24.318' ETotemAnchored at Ko Phayam for the holidays.<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

9º 25.458' N97º 53.628' ETotemAnchored at beautiful Surin Island in the bay on SE side. Depth is a whopping 120'<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

6º 21.708' N99º 40.74' ETotem<BR/>FINALLY out of the shipyard. Anchored back in Telaga Harbour, Langkawi, to recuperate 7 provision.about 5 years  agoShow

7º 12.84' N99º 3.96' ETotemAnchored at Ko Rok Nok - nice clear water!<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 29.532' N99º 4.398' ETotemAnchored at Ko Lantai - Water is clearer than the sky<BR/>about 5 years  agoShow

7º 48.648' N98º 22.968' ETotem<BR/>Spectacular sail from Koh Lanta to Phuket - WOW that felt good!about 5 years  agoShow

6º 39.252' N99º 58.182' ETotemOn the hard at the PSS shipyard near Satun, Thailand, for a MONTH of getting dirty and making improvements to Totem.over 5 years  agoShow

6º 27.75' N99º 49.188' ETotemAnchored at the northern end of Langkawi<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

6º 21.78' N99º 40.77' ETotemAnchored once again in Telaga Harbor.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

6º 18.87' N99º 50.538' ETotemAnchored in Kuah.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

6º 13.488' N99º 44.922' ETotemAnchored by aptly named Monkey Beach on Pulau Singa Besar.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

6º 10.602' N99º 47.928' ETotemAnchor down in S Langkawi after getting PASTED with 4 meter seas and gusts to nearly 60kts.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

5º 27.45' N100º 18.84' ETotemIn Strait Quay Marina, ready to explore Pinang.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

5º 18.48' N100º 18.348' ETotemAnchored in Pinang, monkeys and a sulfur crested cockatoo nearby. <BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

4º 12.66' N100º 36.09' ETotemsv TOTEM -in Pankor<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

3º 11.088' N101º 13.2' ETotemsvTOTEM -anchored E of P. Selatar, on the way to Pankor, Malaysia.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

2º 28.512' N101º 50.73' ETotemWorking north up the Malay Peninsula: in Port Dickson for a few days.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

2º 7.38' N102º 19.638' ETotemAnchored in nice conditions at Pulau Besar.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 28.722' N103º 15.702' ETotemWE LEFT THE MARINA! so happy to be swinging at anchor again, at uninhabited little islands off Malaysia.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 22.848' N103º 38.652' ETotemRetracing our steps to Puteri for engine servicing... need to get to the bottom of the overheating problem.<BR/>Destination: Puteri Harbour<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 23.01' N104º 5.628' ETotemGot across Singapore, then overheated...again. It's gettin' old<BR/>Destination: Tioman<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 25.098' N103º 39.438' ETotemEngine overheating diagnosis pending in Puteri Harbour Marina.<BR/>Destination: <Tioman><BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 25.098' N103º 39.432' ETotemBack in Puteri for engine repairover 5 years  agoShow

1º 17.628' N103º 45.672' ETotemrolling in the surge at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 25.002' N103º 39.0' ETotemnear the southern tip of the Malay peninsula: Puteri Harbour marina<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

1º 28.002' N103º 15.0' ETotemanchored at Pulau Pisang, SE end of the Malay peninsula<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

2º 7.002' N102º 19.002' ETotemTucked behind islands just south of Malacca.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

2º 28.002' N101º 49.998' ETotemFirst time in 213 days Totem has been tied up.<BR/>-footerover 5 years  agoShow

3º 1.998' N101º 19.998' ETotemanchored across from the busy shipping terminal in Port Klang<BR/>-footerover 5 years  agoShow

4º 12.0' N100º 34.002' ETotemfront row anchoring for the mosque, gorgeous call to prayer floating over the water<BR/>-footerover 5 years  agoShow

5º 13.002' N100º 10.002' ETotemanchored off Pulau Kendi, SW of Penang. no wind and lots of garbage<BR/>-footerover 5 years  agoShow

6º 12.0' N99º 43.998' ETotemTotem FINALLY southbound toward Singapore<BR/>-footerover 5 years  agoShow

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