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13º 18.198' N88º 53.502' WLungtaHmmm, interesting error (perhaps because I used a lowercase 'w' instead of capital?) We're not really in the Bay of Bengal at the moment! I'll try it again...over 5 years  agoShow

13º 18.198' N88º 53.502' ELungta4/23 7pm: We've made it to El Salvador! We spent just over 3 full days traveling. Most of the time we had very nice winds, although people told us that this stretch was notorious for light winds. We traveled nearby two other boats (Islena and Irie), and all 3 of us decided to stop in Bahia del Sol rather than continue the additional 30 miles to Barillas. The seas were relatively calm when we crossed the infamous bar, so we did not have to surf down a breaking wave. But we all had a higher-than-usual level of adrenaline by the time we got in to the marina area. Checking in to a new country was a breeze, and we are no learning our way around the new environment. We plan to do a lot of land travel while Lungta stays put, so will probably not update this site very often. All is well!over 5 years  agoShow

14º 41.898' N92º 23.502' WLungtaI seem to have lost the recipe to post to Farkwar via email. I just noticed that the last few of my position updates didn't get posted to our boat. We're currently in Puerto Chiapas, our last stop in Mexico. We're hosting an elementary class's celebration of their graduation this afternoon. They were hoping for a class photo on a boat, and we're planning to take them for a short spin through the harbor - assuming it stops raining! It seems that the rainy season may have started up a month early. It has rained buckets for short periods of the last three days, and last night there was some terrific lightning and thunder. Yikes! We plan to leave here on Monday, and arrive in El Salvador late in the week. All is well on Lungta...almost 6 years  agoShow

15º 45.102' N96º 7.602' WLungta4/6 7pm: We're still in Huatulco, having enjoyed a day at a nearby small open bay but leaving quickly when the waves picked up dramatically yesterday evening. We figured out that this was a side-effect of a smallish gale happening in the Bay of Tehuantepec, 50 miles east of here. We are waiting for a weather window to cross that bay to the very bottom of Mexico, probably next week.almost 6 years  agoShow

15º 45.102' N96º 7.602' WLungta4/3 3pm: pulled into the main bay of Huatulco (after spending a night in one of the small bays nearby). We've run around trying to accomplish a few errands, including checking in with the Port Captain and getting more time on our internet device! Cute town but overrun this week with holiday revelers - it's Semana Santa, the Holy Week of Easter, and everyone wants to be on the beach! We're heading back out to another smaller bay for a few days, and will be back when we need to reprovision. :-)almost 6 years  agoShow

15º 37.698' N96º 31.5' WLungta4/1 7:30pm: Much of today the wind was somewhere else playing an April Fools' Day joke on somebody else. We bobbed along slowly all morning and the afternoon sail was also slower than recent days. We won't be in Huatulco today. :-) Maybe tomorrow. But the big swell is moderating so it's more comfortable, and anchoring in Huatulco will also be good. We're looking forward to getting in the water again...almost 6 years  agoShow

15º 49.698' N97º 8.4' WLungta3/31 5pm: We're (still) underway from Acapulco to Huatulco, expect to arrive some time tomorrow. We're having a beautiful sail, seeing lots of turtles and several pods of dolphins. Our fishing line has been busy, although we've only kept two so far.almost 6 years  agoShow

16º 21.402' N98º 58.302' WLungta3/29 at 6pm we are nearing the end of a peaceful day of sailing. It started out slow, as it often does, but the wind picked up mid-day and we’ve been moving nicely ever since. We’ve enjoyed several sightings of dolphins and turtles, and had a few “near-misses” on catching fish for dinner. Guess we’ll have to settle for some homemade soup…
almost 6 years  agoShow

16º 41.598' N99º 43.998' WLungta3/28, 7pm and all's well. We had a fun day wandering around town and playing in the water. Now we're moving on again, gently sailing south - and east, ever east - down the coast. Our next stop is probably Huatulco, where we hope to enjoy a week or more of time exploring some of the pristine bays... but that's still a couple of days away. In the meantime we'll have to settle for sunsets like the one we just experienced.;-)almost 6 years  agoShow

16º 48.0' N99º 50.298' WLungtaAfter a couple of busy but fun days in Acapulco, we've moved around 6 miles to the next cove to the SW, called Puerto Marquez. We enjoyed a stroll through town and a leisurely dinner back on board Lungta. We may stay here an extra day, since the town is authentic and energetic!almost 6 years  agoShow

16º 48.498' N99º 55.002' WLungtaApproaching Acapulco!almost 6 years  agoShow

17º 14.4' N101º 3.198' WLungtaBeautiful sail today south from Zihuatanejo, heading for Acapulco. Looks like we're not going to stop along the way, but continue sailing overnight. almost 6 years  agoShow

17º 16.998' N101º 5.298' WLungtaLeaving Zihuatanejoalmost 6 years  agoShow

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