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19º 49.002' N135º 55.998' WBegoneFriday, May 1, 2015 @ 0312 GMT / 6:30 PM in our little spot in the ocean!

Tom said "next time I drive across Texas, it's going to feel like Rhode Island!. Yes, indeed, it's quite a long passage to Hilo. Yesterday was our half way (in mileage) party! Cocktail hour with personalized drink umbrellas, amazing fillet steak with cucumber/sprouts/tomato salad and fried sweet potatoes a la Vicky! We enjoyed a reasonably quiet dinner and then went back to Squall Busting! Today, has been a picture perfect day with a brilliant blue ocean and blue skies with puffy white cumulus clouds.

We are in daily contact via VHF radio with the 34' Catamaran "Popoki" (Hawaiian for "cat") also bound for Hilo. They're just 30 miles ahead of us so we've enjoyed chatting with them and sharing weather and fishing reports.

Course: 260 True
Speed: 5.5 knots
Wind: 12-15 knots
Distance to Hilo: 1080 Miles

Thanks for following us! Suzanne, Tom and Vicky
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19º 49.002' N131º 13.002' WBegoneWednesady, April 29 @ 08:30 PM. (0430 UTC on the 30th)
I just got off watch after our "almost half way" pizza party. It appears that my earlier posts didn't work so I made an Airmail format change and hope this gets through.

Overall, we have had rather excellent conditions for this passage thus far. Well, except for a few nights ago (Friday/Saturday) which was rather snotty -- big confused seas, high winds (20-26 kts), everything rolled, banged and rattled, sleeping was impossible plus it was rather damp & chilly (our weather station died so temperature is just an opinion). But before than and since then, it has been all been splendid!

We have 1345 miles to Hilo. Our GPS thinks we'll get there on the 9th of May. No wait, the 8th of May. No the 12th of May. Oh, we'll get there when we get there!
Food has been terrific. Company even better. We have cocktail hour every evening at 5:00. And nothing has broken that one of us can't fix. Today's big fix was end for ending the spectra line on our Monitor wind vane in 20 knots of wind. We got to practiced heaving to and splashing Tom as he hung over the back of the boat. A wire fastening on one of the blocks had broken 2 days ago and the pulley started chaffing the line. Tom fixed the block but we knew the line wouldn't last long. So we fixed it today so we didn't have to fix it tonight!

Tom says "Next time I drive across Texas it's going to feel like Rhode Island." He's just missing the Grandkids and his kids and Club Tac and fixing motorcycles. We're all on our 2nd or 3rd book!
Best to all, Suzanne, Tom and Vicky

Current Wind: 20 Knots from the WNW
Heading: 260 degrees on a broad reach
Boat Speed: 6.5 knots
Seas: 3 ft. swells from the NW
Skies: Very Cloudy. Nice squalls bring some extra wind and occasional light rain. Waxing moon

location: 19°49.00'N 131°13.00'W
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24º 9.354' N110º 19.062' WBegonealmost 6 years  agoShow

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